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Modern electric heating options

In modern standard apartments, heating problems, unfortunately, are still relevant. We are not always satisfied with how the central heating system works, and shutdowns due to various unforeseen circumstances still happen. In addition, there are regions in which the heating is turned on quite late, when it is already cool outside, especially at night, but they turn it off exactly on schedule, even if it is still cold. You can solve heating problems if you think over everything and decide which system to choose as an alternative or additional. If you consider everything and calculate, it becomes clear that the best option is to use electric heating.

Using electricity for heating has always been considered costly, fire hazardous and unacceptable from an environmental point of view.

Today, when new types of electric heating devices have appeared, for example, cable heating, as well as infrared ceiling heaters, the attitude towards this type of energy has changed a lot.

Modern electric heating equipment is saving, rational, and has completely different operational specifications, being environmentally friendly. When using it, the humidity in the premises does not change, no harmful substances are emitted, and the likelihood of fire or electric shock is practically reduced to zero.

The electromagnetic radiation of such equipment is much lower than that of conventional household electrical appliances.

Each heated room can be equipped with a thermostat with the ability to regulate the temperature in a fairly wide range - from 5 to 30С. If you correctly regulate the room temperature, you can achieve up to 50% savings.

In general, when using a warm floor or an infrared heater, you can save up to 80% of energy compared to other electrical appliances. The programming feature allows you to temporarily turn off the heating in the premises, and after a certain time, the equipment will start working again without outside interference.

Currently, stationary electric heating, for example, skirting heaters, is a very practical and convenient equipment. They do not take up much space and can also work autonomously. This type of heating is especially convenient in country houses, where people live only in summer, and in winter they come on weekends. However, the house must be constantly heated. In this case, it is enough to program a temperature of about 7 ° C, and the house will not freeze through.

In some shops, cafes and restaurants, even in offices, electric heating is much more preferable than connecting to heating mains. For example, in the cultural center of the city, where there are many historical buildings and parks, the construction of heating mains can hardly be called expedient. However, even in these places there may be stalls and pavilions that also need heating.

As a supplement to the conventional heating system in residential buildings, as already mentioned, electric heating can provide a normal temperature during cold snaps in autumn and spring, when utilities turn off heating, as well as during sudden cold snaps in winter.

In rooms with high ceilings, where people do not live, but constantly work, for example, in factories, sports and concert halls, large shopping pavilions, it is best to use infrared heaters, especially since energy savings in this case reach 80%.

If we talk about the cost of heating, then you can compare the initial cost of installing gas and electric heating. It turns out that in the first case it will be almost eight times more expensive. Of course, electricity is more expensive than gas, but this difference can be used to pay for it for many years, besides, there are much fewer inconveniences, and more comfort and peace.