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Autonomous electric heating

Today, electric heating of a private house has acquired the greatest relevance, since the state is pursuing a policy of reducing natural gas consumption and creating appropriate conditions for the population and enterprises. Installing an electric boiler or replacing a gas boiler with an electric one for the private sector will not cause any problems. To do this, you do not need to obtain any permits and this process will bypass relatively inexpensively (in contrast to gas or solid fuel boilers). The only possible problem is that the electrical network must correspond to the required load, as electric boilers with a capacity of more than 7.5 kW are produced only with a 380 V connection.

To accurately determine the required power of an electric boiler, many parameters and indicators are taken into account (wall thickness, insulation quality, type of radiators, etc.). An approximate calculation is taken based on the ratio of 10 sq.m. heated room - 1 kW. If your home electrical network allows, it is better to install a boiler with a small power reserve (in any case, the electric boiler will consume exactly as much electricity as is necessary to maintain the set temperature).

In order to avoid problems during the operation of the electric boiler, as well as for safety reasons, installation and connection must be carried out exclusively by a specialist who has the appropriate permission to perform such work.