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Questions and answers

Question: We installed and started the boiler in accordance with all the requirements of the "Operation and Installation Manual", the boiler is working normally, heating is working at each of the stages, the thermostat is set at a temperature of 50 degrees, but the set temperature the boiler is not picking up. What is the reason? 
Answer: Hello! If the boiler is operating in normal mode and heating occurs continuously, but the temperature has not reached the set parameter, then the reason is very simple - too little time has passed since the boiler was started. We inform you that, depending on the heated area, the volume of the coolant in the system and the ambient temperature, the heating time of the system can be from 2 to 6 hours. If after this time, with continuous heating, the temperature has not reached the parameter you have set, most likely you have chosen the boiler power that does not correspond to your parameters, contact the manager of our company with this question.



Question: Good afternoon, please tell me why the boiler is making noise, there is a small noise inside the boiler, similar to hiss. 
Answer: Hello! Characteristic noise is considered normal for an element in which heating occurs, so, most likely, you have nothing to fear. But there may also be other reasons for the origin of the noise: 
 - the presence of air in the system, the air must be released very carefully, and without making sure that it is completely absent from the heating system, it is prohibited to turn on the heating. 
 - the modular contactor may make noise (sound similar to crackling), in this case it is better to contact our service center for specialist advice. 
 - the operation of the circulation pump may also create a little noise.



Question: I want to install a room thermostat on the "Mini" series boiler, how to do it? 
Answer: Hello! Unfortunately, boilers of the mini series are not equipped with a connector for connecting a room thermostat, but we can install it to order during the manufacture of the boiler or during service, at the expense of the User.



Question: On the "Tenko" boiler of the "Mini" series, the temperature was set to a limit of 60 degrees, but heating occurs even after the set limit is set, up to about 85-88 degrees, and then the heating is turned off, and the "Network" and "Heating" lamps go out.
Answer: Hello! You, most likely, have an adjustable capillary thermostat out of order, and the shutdown occurs by means of an emergency thermal cut-off, contact the service center for advice.




Question: I want to install a remote room thermostat in the KE-4.5_220 boiler. Please tell me what technical characteristics it should have and where does it connect to? 
Answer: Hello! The technical characteristics of the room thermostat can be different, here is the range of characteristics that will meet the requirements of our boilers: Relay output: from 1 to 16A; 250V AC. Connect to a special connector, signed "room thermal" instead of the built-in jumper.



Question: We started the "Economy" series boiler, turned on heating at a power of 5 kW (KE 7.5_220 boiler), set the temperature limit to 50 degrees and noticed that the boiler heats up before the emergency thermostat is triggered, but at the same time it shows a temperature of 40 degrees on the thermometer. What is the reason? 
Answer: Hello! There can be two reasons: the first is a faulty emergency thermostat, which is triggered earlier than its operating limit, and the second, more common, is an insufficient flow of the coolant in the heating system (airlock, faulty pump, etc.). In the second case, the temperature at the top of the heat exchanger is significantly higher than at the point where the thermometer and thermostat sensors are connected, and because of this, the emergency thermostat is triggered.



Question: I have a KE 6_220 boiler, it worked perfectly for over a year, but recently I noticed that when the thermostat is turned off at a given temperature and even the "Stage 2" key, heating occurs, what should I do in this case. 
 Answer: Hello! In your case, it is necessary to urgently contact the service center, the boiler should not be left in working order unattended, but the commutation should be performed with a switching device installed outside the boiler (on the supply cable, input).




Question: We purchased a Tenko boiler of the Standard series, installed it in the heating system, filled the system, turned on the machine and the “Network” button, after turning on the “Step 1” button, the heating does not turn on, none of the lamps comes on, what is the reason? 
Answer: Hello! Most likely the reason is the presence of air in the heating system, due to which the flow sensor does not work. It is necessary to bleed the air from the system using the automatic air vent installed on the boiler heat exchanger and try to restart it. If the boiler does not start after completely bleeding air from the heating system, contact the service center for technical advice.




Question: The boiler of the standard series after turning off the heating, does not turn back on constantly, or does not turn on until I switch the "Mains" key, what is the reason? 
Answer: Hello! In your case, the reason arose due to the presence of mechanical impurities in the heating system (most likely you did not install a filter in front of the pump), the flow sensor is clogged and cannot function normally. Contact the Service Center for technical advice.



Question: I have a boiler of the "Standard" series, purchased in the summer of 2015, do a test run, everything worked perfectly. With the onset of cold weather, the boiler started up again, the boiler worked normally, heating was happening quite quickly, but recently a problem arose: no matter what limit I set the thermostat knob to, the heating turns off at a temperature of 40 degrees. What could be the problem? 
Answer: Hello! The reason for this nature may lie in a failed capillary thermostat. If, when heating is turned off at the limit of 40 degrees, only the “Heating” lamp goes out, and the “Mains” lamp is on, you need to replace the capillary thermostat.




Question: Good afternoon! I have a multi-tariff electricity meter installed, I want to purchase a Tenko electric boiler, so the question has arisen: what series of boilers can be controlled according to electricity tariffs, and how to do this? 
Answer: Hello! All our boilers, except for the Mini series, have connectors for connecting an external programmer, with which you can adjust the daily or weekly timer to the parameters you need. Moreover, the boilers of the Premium and Premium Plus series are already equipped with a daily and weekly timer function that will help you adjust the characteristics of the boiler, according to the electricity tariffs.



Question: Thank you for your answer! Tell me how the pump in the SKE series works when the boiler is controlled by a remote programmer? 
Answer: When the boiler is controlled by a remote programmer in the Standard series of boilers, only boiler heating will be switched, and the pump will work permanently (it can be turned on and off by pressing the "Network" button).



Question: Then please tell me how an external programmer can turn off the boiler completely? 
Answer: To control all elements of the Standard series boiler, you need to install a modular contactor before powering the boiler and control this contactor through an external programmer.





Question: And how does the pump work in the Premium series, also constantly, as in the Standard series. 
Answer: In the Premium and Premium Plus series, by means of the software, the pump is turned off after a specified time interval (1 -15 min. Adjustable by the user), after stopping heating, and accordingly turns on at the same interval before heating starts.