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Electric heating elements for radiators

Heating elements for various heating systems: aluminum, bimetallic radiators and cast-iron batteries from the TENKO company 


Heating is the most expensive part of utility bills. For many consumers, installing  electric heating elements in batteries is a significant money saving. Such a system is also used in emergency situations, in cases of temporary shutdown of central heating or as an autonomous source of heat in detached buildings.


Heating elements: basic characteristics and principle of operation


Radiator coolant is used to heat rooms with different areas. It consists of a metal body with a copper spiral or steel wire embedded inside. The internal elements are insulated with a special coating.


Heating elements for aluminum and bimetallic radiators, as well as cast iron batteries from TENKO are equipped with a thermostat, which allows them not only to heat the room, but also to regulate temperature mode.


As soon as the heating element reaches the level of the set mode, the electric circuit is opened and the device is turned off. After the temperature of the internal environment of the radiator drops below the set upper boundary zone, the electrical appliance is automatically turned on.


The principle of operation of the tubular electric heater is quite simple:


  • after installation in the heating element heating element is connected to the power grid;
  • with the help of electricity, the spirals are heated with the subsequent transfer of heat to the working environment.

Types of heating elements


Electric heating devices differ in material of manufacture, housing structure, power and purpose.


  • Household heating heating elements in cast-iron batteries, as well as aluminum and bimetallic radiators have a capacity of 0.5 to 2.5 kW.
  • Industrial from 3 to 6 kW.
  • Heating elements with one and two heating coils.
  • Tubular electric heaters on the right and left thread.
  • Models with the function of setting the minimum temperature above zero.

When choosing and buying radiator electric heating elements, you must take into account all its technical characteristics, length and design features of the battery. For any technical information, you can contact the professional manager of the online store "", who will give an exhaustive answer, make calculations and help with the choice of heating devices.


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