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Heating elements for boilers

How to choose and buy a heating element for a boiler 
A water heating boiler is an electrical device that provides hot water in a room. The main heat exchange element is a heating element, which is a straight or curved tube made of carbon or stainless steel, as well as copper. 
The TENKO company produces heating elements that are suitable for boilers of such well-known manufacturers as Electrolux , Termex, Ariston, Ferroli, DeLuxe, Fismar, ISEA, Real, Round, Braun, Inner, Classic, Atlantic, Liko, Novatec, Fox, Alpari and many others. 
Open water heaters 
A water heating device consists of a metal body filled with quartz sand or magnesium oxide with an electric nichrome spiral, hermetically sealed inside the shell. 
Heating elements liquids are divided into two types 

An open (wet) element in direct contact with water. 

A closed (dry) device placed in a durable ceramic flask. 

Open heating elements have a high heating rate and a low price, but at the same time, due to the low quality of water, they are susceptible to the formation and limescale. 
According to the type of fastening, they are divided into nut or flanged. The latest manufacturers can produce in the form of casting or stamping. 
Anode socket 
Open-type heating elements with a nut can be without an anode socket or with additional fastening in the form thread located on the flange. 
Anode softens scale and additionally protects the device from corrosive changes. With its regular replacement, the service life of the water heating elements increases significantly.
Shape of heating elements for a water heater 
The shape of heating elements can be both straight and bent and are selected exclusively according to the type of boiler. 
 If we talk about "dry" closed heating elements, then along with a lot of their advantages, they have one significant drawback: they are suitable only for a certain model of a water heater, which is indicated in the product passport. 
А here open-type heating elements are completely universal and can be installed in water heaters of almost all famous brands: Ferroli, DeLuxe, Fismar, ISEA, Electrolux, Termex, Ariston, Real, Round, Liko, Novatec, Fox, Alpari, Braun, Inner, Classic, Atlantic, etc. 
Replacing the heating elements in the boiler 
According to experts, due to the increased hardness of the water, the service life of heating elements is on average 4 years. In order to increase the operating time, it is necessary to revise them once a year, removing limescale and dirt. 
There are models of water heaters with some differences, but in general they are all structurally similar, which does not deliver special inconvenience when replacing an electrical appliance. 
When choosing a heating element for a boiler, you should compare its power with the container in which it will be placed. For such advice, you can contact an experienced consultant of the online store "", who is always in touch. 
The TENKO company provides an opportunity to buy heating elements for a water heater at the manufacturer's price with delivery throughout Ukraine.