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Smart series

  •   5 "color touchscreen display 
  • Wi-Fi module for remote control of the boiler via the Internet 
  • Grundfos pump, Italian hydrogroup, copper fittings 
  • Absolutely quiet operation 
  • Soft start, power modulation, selectivity of heating elements 
  • Boiler power modulation 
  • Built-in residual current device RCD 
  •  "Anti-freeze", "Timer", "PMT" mode 
  • Accounting for statistics of consumed electricity
  • Overheating protection

Electric boilers of the SMART series by Tenko are a ready high-class engineering system which provides an unsurpassed level of comfort, autonomy and silent work. For prodution of electric boilers the latest electronics breakthroughs, high-quality materials and components are used guaranteeing saving long service life.