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Electric convectors Tenko are the best solution for home and office


Modern electric convector heaters are a compact panel with an air intake window at the bottom and a neat grill at the top, through which a stream of warm air exits. The presented Tenko electric convectors are designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home and office. Due to their stylish look, such convectors will fit harmoniously into any interior. The manufacturer offers several models that differ in characteristics, dimensions and power. This will allow everyone to choose the best option.



Installation options

Tenko heating convectors could be fixed to the wall or installed on the floor. In the first case, they are securely attached to brackets to the wall, and in the second one, they stand on legs. The installation option does not affect performance. At the same time, if you fix the convector on the wall, then moving it to another place will be problematic, and if you install it on the legs, you could easily move it indoors or even transfer it from room to room. Which particular option to choose is up to you.

Convenient thermostat

All models of Tenko electric convectors are equipped with thermostats, which make it possible to regulate the heating temperature. It is worth noting that modern mechanical thermostats allow setting the temperature mode as accurately as possible (error 0.1 - 0.2 degrees). In addition, the convectors have two heating modes, which allows you to conveniently adjust the heating power and provide a saving energy consumption.

Long lasting heating element

Mica heating elements are installed in Tenko electric convectors. Due to the peculiarities of the material, such heating elements quickly heat up, do not dry out the air and are not afraid of overheating. And most importantly, their service life reaches 10 years.