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Modular Contactor for Standard, Premium Boiler Series, Tenko TM

Product article: KМ 63-40

Product code: 51598

1 600 ГРН


Modular contactors type KM of IEK trademark are intended for use in alternating current networks with voltage up to 400 V and frequency of 50 Hz and are used for switching low-inductive loads with rated current up to 63 A. 
Used for automation and control of various technological processes, including number in lighting systems, air conditioning, ventilation, etc. 
The principle of operation of the modular contactor 
When AC voltage 220 (V) is applied to the contactor coil through it an electric current begins to flow, which creates a magnetic flux. The magnetic lines of force are closed through the movable core, the fixed core and the air gap between them. At this moment, the moving core is magnetized and attracted to the stationary core, thereby closing or opening the contacts of the contactor. 
When voltage is removed from the coil, the return (opposing) spring returns the moving part of the magnetic circuit to its original position, thereby thus returning the contacts to their original state. 
At the beginning of the article, I said that the contactor was activated when connected to the coil, both AC and DC voltage 220 (V).