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15000W Heating Element Block Fastening Nut Brass 1,5" L=500mm

Product article: 50474

Product code: 50474

1 127 ГРН


Heating element blocks (TENB) are designed to heat water in tanks under pressure up to 1.5 atm. Blocks are used as components in industrial installations, as well as electrical ones. A block is a group of heating elements mounted in a threaded or flat flange. There is a flange with a thread for fixing the blocks on the object, and a hexagon for a key on the reverse side. The contact rods of the electric heaters are interconnected by jumpers. Any pair of contact rods that are not connected to each other could serve to connect an external circuit. The construction of the blocks is one-piece. The units may only be used in the intended environment. The active part of the cover of the block heaters must be completely in the working environment. The Tenko company produces blocks of heating elements of various capacities (TENB-3, TENB-6, TENB-9, TENB-12, TENB-18) from a tube with a diameter of 10 and 13 mm made of carbon or stainless steel, copper. TENKO company manufactures TENBs for pre-order with various dimensions and fastening nuts according to your sketches.

Stainless steel
Rated power consumption, kW
Rated voltage, V