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Wireless Temperature Sensor Tenko Тм For Premium And Premium Plus Boilers

Product article: RD

Product code: 51921

1 890 ГРН

Measured temperature range, Celsius
from 12.5 to 100
Discreteness of battery measurement,%
Discreteness of temperature measurement, Celsius
Power supply, AAA batteries (pcs)
4 (with increased radius - 8)
Maximum battery life (depends on batteries), years
Maximum error when measuring temperature, Celsius
Maximum line-of-sight transmission distance (m)
50 (with increased radius - 200)
Working frequency, MHz

Designed to measure temperature at a distance exceeding the distance of the wire thermometer. Wireless thermometers are available in several versions with normal and extended range. Structurally made of two blocks - a receiver unit and a transmitter unit. The receiver unit is connected to the boiler, and the transmitter unit is installed in the room where the temperature is to be measured. After connecting the thermometer, it is necessary to configure the equipment to which it is connected. 
Principle of operation. 
Approximately every two minutes, the transmitting part measures the temperature and voltage of the battery and transmits it to receiving part. The receiving part processes the received data and transmits the temperature and battery charge to the equipment to which the receiving part of the thermometer is connected. If data from the transmitting part does not arrive at the receiving part for more than five minutes, the transmitting part informs the equipment that there is no signal.