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Boiler Tenko Digital 12_380


The Digital series of electric boilers by Tenko is indended for heating premises up to 150 sq.m or as an additional device in an existing heating system. The Digital series of boilers is created as an alternative to the BE boiler series, being able to control the pump on/off before or after turning on the heating elements, a two-stage protection system from overheating, two temperature sensors, a protective modular contactor. The system coolant is smoothly regulated in the range of 20-75 °С. The model range consists of boilers with a 3 to 15 kW capacity. May be connected to 220V and 380V networks. The advantages of Digital series electric boilers include high efficiency, digital control, reliability, easy maintenance, environmental friendliness. The body parts are made of high quality steel and have undergone anti-corrosion treatment. Then, powder paint is applied to create a protective layer and give a nice look. For manufacturing the heat exchanger, an exclusively high-quality thick-walled pipe is used, undergoing anti-corrosion treatment and hydraulic testing at a pressure of 8 bar to extend the service life. The package box includes an installation and operating manual.

Rated voltage, V
Rated switching power, kW
Mains current frequency, Hz
Heater type
Block of 3 heating elements
Efficiency, %
Maximum pressure in the system, bar
Digital temperature control
20 ° C - 75 ° C - by water, 10 ° C - 40 ° C - by air
Connecting pipes, inch
Ø 3/4 (external thread)
Heat exchanger capacity (not less), dm3
Overall dimensions (not less), mm, HxWxD
Weight, kg, no more
Stepped power regulation
Working in an open system


  • Protective modular contactor
  • Digital control
  • Possibility to control an external pump
  • Two temperature sensors: coolant and indoor air
  • Possibility of working with a room programmer
  • Double overheating protection
  • Possibility of setting temperature limits for turning heating on and off 
  • Three power levels
  • Convenient indication of boiler working modes
  • Fast installation
  • Operation with a multi-tariff meter
  • Body parts with anti-corrosion treatment