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Heater block adjustable HBA 3_220 2"


The AHB adjustable heater block is a ready-made solution by Tenko for heating liquids in containers with a volume of 20 liters or more, as well as in heating systems with forced circulation of the coolant.
Using a capillary thermostat, the temperature of the heated liquid is regulated (from 0 to 77 degrees Celsius). The thermostat works in stand-alone mode – it turns off heating when the desired liquid temperature is reached and resumes it when the coolant temperature drops by 5 degrees Celsius
Also, the capillary thermostat has overheating protection, which is triggered when the coolant temperature reaches 95 degrees Celsius.
The heater block may be intended to operate from a 220V or 380V network, depending on the modification. The installation diagram is in the instruction manual (included in the kit, and also attached in PDF format in the product card).
The warranty period is 12 months from the date of sale, but no more than 24 months from the date of production.

Rated voltage, V
Rated voltage, V
Rated switching power, kW
Heater type
Heating element
Efficiency, %
Temperature control
from 0 to 77
Connecting pipes, inch
1,1/2; 2
Protection class
Overall dimensions (not less), mm, HxWxD
Immersion length