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Boiler Tenko Premium 9_380

Product article: ПКЕ 9_380

Product code: 51137

15 926 ГРН

Абсолютно бесшумная работа Встроенный недельно-суточный программатор Wi-Fi модуль для удаленного управления котлом через интернет (опция) Плавный пуск, модуляция мощности, селективность ТЭНов

Link to the application

Link to the application


Electric boilers of the "Premium" TM Tenko series provide ample opportunities to control the operation of the device and provide maximum comfort and autonomy of operation when heating various rooms with a maximum area of ​​150 sq.m. The presented line of equipment is distinguished by the presence of a built-in microcontroller and a software control system for complete control of the boiler's performance. The "Premium" boiler model has a digital display for setting and displaying service information from three temperature sensors: room (wired or radio), sensors on the direct and return pipelines of the heating system. The microcontroller controls the heating elements and relays, and the built-in software energy meter keeps statistics and allows you to optimize the work. Silent switching operation is ensured by water-cooled solid state relays. All models of "Premium" electric boilers manufactured by Tenko are equipped with a Grundfos circulation pump (Denmark), a pressure sensor, an automatic air vent, a safety valve and a weekly / daily programmer, which can be controlled using a wi-fi module. Remote control of the boiler is carried out through any browser or Android application.

The body is made of high-quality steel of domestic production and has undergone anti-corrosion treatment. When painting it, advanced powder technologies are used, which gives a beautiful appearance and additional protection against adverse influences.The heat exchanger is assembled from high-quality thick-walled steel pipe of a leading Ukrainian enterprise in its industry. special anti-corrosion treatment of the heat exchanger and hydraulic tests at a pressure of 8 bar give it protective properties and extend its service life.The hydrogroup is assembled on the basis of reliable brass fittings and together with the heat exchanger has been tested for tightness of connections at a pressure of 3 atmospheres.


Link for remote control of the boiler through any browser: (Demo version login: demo password: demo)


Supply of electric boilers TM Tenko is made in cardboard packaging. The scope of delivery also includes an installation and operation manual.


Consulting support for operation and maintenance is provided by e-mail:

Android app link: 


Rated voltage, V
Rated switching power, kW
Mains current frequency, Hz
Heater type
Block of 3 heating elements
Efficiency, %
Maximum pressure in the system, bar
Digital temperature control
10 ° C - 75 ° C - by water, 7 ° C - 40 ° C - by air
Heating circuit regulation, ° С
smooth from 30 to 75
Connecting pipes, inch
Ø 3/4
Heat exchanger capacity (not less), dm3
Overall dimensions (not less), mm, HxWxD
Weight, kg, no more


  • Absolutely silent automatic boiler working
  • Complete set of safety hydrogroup of European production
  • Grundfos built-in circulation pump
  • Remote control via Wi-Fi module
  • Three temperature sensors (supply, return, air)
  • Built-in microcontroller
  • Weekly/daily programmer
  • Digital display
  • Programmed electricity meter
  • Water cooled solid state relays
  • Power modulation (software selection of the number of working heating elements)
  • Soft start (gradual power gain)
  • Selectivity of heating elements (distribution of even load on them)
  • Adjusting the pump priming time
  • Possibility of cascade connection
  • Possibility of connecting the underfloor heating system
  • Operation with a multi-tariff meter
  • Possibility of connecting an indirect heating boiler
  • Digital pressure sensor
  • Could work with an outside room thermostat