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Electric heating elements

Tenko electric heating elements: reliability and quality guarantee

The Ukrainian company TENKO, located in Kharkiv, specializes in the production of heating elements. Tubular electric heaters (heating elements) are used both in household and industrial heat carriers, being widely used - from boilers and washing machines to electric kettles.


Types of heating elements and their use

Manufacturers of household and industrial devices produce equipment with standard interchangeable electric heating elements. Therefore, in case of malfunction of the electric heating part, it could always be replaced with heating elements by Tenko, which produces:

  • heating elements for heating liquids;
  • heating elements for boilers;
  • heating elements blocks;
  • air heating elements;
  • heating elements for radiators;
  • water heating elements;
  • boiler heating elements and other heating elements for pre-order, which could be used both in everyday life and in manufacture.

Water heating element for heating liquids

Tubular water heaters may be of various shapes, sizes and material compositions. They are used to heat all kinds of liquids in a certain volume and are mostly made of stainless steel, carbon steel or copper.

This type of heating elements has several standard diameters:

  • 8.5 mm;
  • 10 mm
  • 13 mm.
  • With a capacity from 0.3 to 5.0 kW.

The Tenko brand produces heating elements for heating liquids, which could be used both in new general-purpose equipment and for replacing burnt parts.

Heating elements for boilers, boiler heating elements

For manufacturing such tubular water heaters, copper or stainless steel is used. A huge load falls on this type of heating element, since they need to heat water to maximum temperatures. They are made using the most modern equipment being used in everyday life and industry.

Heating element blocks

TENBs (blocks of electric heating devices) are used to heat water in containers under a pressure of 1.5 at. TENB is a set of heating elements, which are an integral structure used in electrical installations in production. More details

Air heating elements

Air heating elements are used in equipment that heats the air, both in calm and under blowing. Installed in:

  • various chambers (drying, painting);
  • oven and bakery equipment;
  • household and industrial heaters;
  • electric heaters and many other types of electrical devices

Heating elements for radiators

If there is no central heating, radiator heating elements are the most optimal solution to problems. In any unheated room that requires maintaining a certain temperature, heating elements for radiators are the most acceptable alternative.

It is best to use tubular electric heaters with a thermostat so that the room could be set to the required air temperature.

The TENKO company manufactures all types of heating elements for pre-order, therefore, you have the opportunity to order and buy heating elements of any capacity and configuration at the most reasonable price. We look forward to providing you with a variety of Tenko products.

Within the shortest amount of time, orders are delivered to every place in Ukraine, including Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Odessa and other cities.