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Heating Element Block 4,5 kW/220V Capacity Econom, Standard, Premium Tenko ТМ Boiler Series (Connecting Thread 2")

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Are you looking for a suitable heating element block for your household appliances? TENKO is ready to present our best products to you. We have provided a decent selection of heating elements in accordance with European quality standards. You will surely be satisfied with your purchase from us. Blocks of heating elements of our production are suitable for absolutely any electric heaters. The TENKO company manufactures standard types of heating elements. But if it does not suit you, we are ready to make a block of heating elements according to your requirements. So from us you can definitely buy a heating element unit that is right for you! 
Tubular electric heater units are used for more powerful heating of water, oils and other liquids. They are used both in the industrial field and in everyday life. Heating elements blocks consist of several separate electric heaters located on a common flange. We make the heating element body from heat-resistant stainless steel or M2 copper. 
Blocks on brass flanges with 1 "(inch) 1 1/4", 1 1/2 and 2 "threads and also on a 100x100 square flange are most common on the Ukrainian market. 
Especially for our customers, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the operating life of the heating element depends on its maximum specific power. 
Standard heating elements have characteristics according to GOST 13268-88: 
Specific thermal power goes up to 15 W / cm2. 
Nominal voltage in standard heating elements: 12, 110, 220, 380, 800 Watts. 
Various flange options are used in the manufacture. 
TENKO's product is certified. We provide a one-year product warranty. Are you ready to buy a block of heating elements from us? You will definitely not regret it. After all, the TENKO company is always the best price for the buyer and the European quality of the goods! 
Standard variations of heating elements blocks, which are constantly available in our warehouse in Kharkov: 
Please note that in this standard size the blocks are designed to operate with forced water flow. For oil, standing water, acids and other media, please order a special version.